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We are the first company providing improved cultivars of Jatropha with a proved superiority. We breed cultivars for international markets and supply growers with solutions to suit their needs.


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First projects with improved Jatropha cultivars of JatroSolutions have been implemented in 2017. All projects benefit from our knowledge and expertise, which we have gained within the last decades.


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To combat desertification, produce biofuel, produce high-protein livestock feed or even food and oil for human consumption - there are many uses for Jatropha, and we offer optimized cultivars for them all!


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Carbon Farming

Atmosphere Protect GmbH Newspaper Report in the Stuttgarter Zeitung 31th of July 2013

Carbon Farming

"Mit Pflanzen gegen Treibhausgase"

Author Nora Stöhr, Stuttgarter Zeitung

Stuttgart - Weltweit wurden im Jahr 2011 mehr als 34 Milliarden Tonnen Kohlendioxid ausgestoßen - ein Treibhausgas, das verantwortlich für die globale Erwärmung ist. Ziel vieler Forschungsprojekte ist es daher, diesen Ausstoß zu verringern. An der Uni Hohenheim verfolgt man einen anderen Ansatz: CO2 soll in Pflanzen gespeichert und so der Gehalt in der Luft verringert werden - "Carbon Farming" wird dies genannt. weiterlesen

For further information in English please refer to the publication, online since 31th of July 2013:

"Carbon farming in hot, dry coastal areas: an option for climate mitigation" K. Becker, V. Wulfmeyer, T. Berger, J. Gebel, and W. Münch Earth System Dynamics, 4, 237-251, 2013