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We are the first company providing improved cultivars of Jatropha with a proved superiority. We breed cultivars for international markets and supply growers with solutions to suit their needs.


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First projects with improved Jatropha cultivars of JatroSolutions have been implemented in 2017. All projects benefit from our knowledge and expertise, which we have gained within the last decades.


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To combat desertification, produce biofuel, produce high-protein livestock feed or even food and oil for human consumption - there are many uses for Jatropha, and we offer optimized cultivars for them all!


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Protos - plant oil cooker in the country of lemurs as well

JatroSolutions GmbH Press Release 20th of December 2010 by Klaus Tropf, Managing Director JatroSolutions GmbH

Madagascar, 20th of December 2010 - Five plant oil stoves recently arrived in Fenoarivo in the south of Madagascar. This island - by the way being the fourth largest in the world - is still very much influenced by agriculture. About 85% of the population relies on agriculture, although in general only 8% of the land is suitable for farming. Madagascar was originally completely forested. According to estimations about 90% of these tropical forests are already lost. Most of the deforestation is not designated for export of tropical timber - it plays hardly any role - but is used for the production of charcoal. Even in the cities charcoal consumption is enormous.

Protos - plant oil cooker in the country of lemurs as well (pdf)

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