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We are the first company providing improved cultivars of Jatropha with a proved superiority. We breed cultivars for international markets and supply growers with solutions to suit their needs.


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First projects with improved Jatropha cultivars of JatroSolutions have been implemented in 2017. All projects benefit from our knowledge and expertise, which we have gained within the last decades.


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To combat desertification, produce biofuel, produce high-protein livestock feed or even food and oil for human consumption - there are many uses for Jatropha, and we offer optimized cultivars for them all!


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Breeding Success

JatroSolutions elite jatropha hybrid cultivars have demonstrated outstanding performance in the field. Both in the edible and non-edible jatropha segments they show impressive and augmenting seed yields over the years.


In the warm and arid tropics, the seed yields of the new hybrids in the biofuel segment were 4 times higher than those of the best selected first generation cultivars and 14 times higher than those of wild jatropha accessions.


Among edible jatropha plants lacking toxic compounds (phorbol esters), edible hybrid cultivars had 4-5 times higher nut yields than the best selected first generation cultivars.