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Cultivars of DesertGreen can help to combat desertification. Highly drought-adapted genotypes of Jatropha curcas are excellent for environmentally friendly reforestation.

DesertGreen slows down erosion, reduces wind speed, improves water infiltration capacity of soils and reduces desertification. The use of municipal wastewater for irrigation (rainfall < 400mm p.a.) improves growth in arid climates. In return the belt receives wastewater from the town to irrigate the plants and support their growing. Additionally DesertGreen enhances biodiversity and reduces GHG-Emissions. GHG-reductions enable to participation in the voluntary emissions trading market.

Salient features of DesertGreen cultivars are:

  • Highly adapted to (semi-)arid climates

  • Tolerant to municipal wastewater

  • Superficial root system for efficient erosion control

  • High biomass accumulation potential

  • Quick establishment and land cover

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