Pure Jatropha Soap - Safety assessment passed

Stuttgart, Germany - May 13, 2011

JatroSolutions GmbH is focused on research, consultancy and international project development and implementation with the plant Jatropha curcas.

Jatropha curcas or just Jatropha is a tropical oil crop, thriving on marginal soils and suited for biofuel production without competition towards food production. Jatropha is a multi-purpose plant not only valued for its use as an oil seed crop but also for counteracting soil erosion and its medicinal and cosmetic purposes. By 1896 Jatropha oil has already been imported from Cape Verde to France as raw material for soap production. By the middle of the twentieth century Jatropha oil has been part of the recipe for the famous "Savon de Marseille". Today Jatropha soap is still produced locally and traditionally in West Africa.

As a very promising future market we have identified the use of Jatropha oil in cosmetics, especially for soap production. We have paved the way for Jatropha oil to be used as cosmetic ingredient in soaps according to EU cosmetic regulations.

JatroSolutions GmbH is the first company in Europe having subjected to the safety assessment its own "Pure Jatropha Soap", a high quality natural product out of nothing but cold-pressed virgin Jatropha oil and caustic soda. "Pure Jatropha Soap" has been stated absolutely harmless to health considering the general toxicological profile of the ingredients, their chemical structure and degree of exposure of the product in compliance with warnings as well as normal and foreseen conditions of use. For more information please refer to the Safety Evaluation.

JatroSolutions GmbH is supplying this valuable substance in 100% pure form for cosmetic applications, especially soap production. JatroSolutions GmbH invites Personal Care manufacturers to discover natural benefits of Jatropha oil for a wide variety of formulations.

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