JatroSolutions in Trading Carbon: Fuelconscious

Point Carbon - A Thomson Reuter company www.pointcarbon.com 07. September 2010 by Robin Lancaster; p. 18-20
Can the carbon market unlock the potential for biofuels to reduce emissions or are there too many unanswered questions clouding the sector?
NGOs warn that any UN emissions reductions operations will need to ensure that biofuels, which entails crops being grown for conversion into fuel, does not result in increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions entering the atmosphere. [...] Jatro Solutions's Poetsch suggested that any major revisions to carbon regulations relating to biofuels should be organised into reference modules. "Instead of a methodology for plant oil production for transport use or whatever, there would be modules on land use change, crop production, fuel processing and vehicle transport; plus references to a big database of default values as already developed by the (UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)", he said.

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