Why is a broad network needed?

For successful breeding, a high genetic diversity among the plant material forms the basis for the selection and breeding process. Additionally, a high diversity among the testing sites is needed to assess the response of each potential cultivar in a wide range of environments. Testing at different field sites with varying environmental conditions allows the selection of cultivars with highest yield stability and particular features such as tolerance to abiotic stresses like droughts or short vegetation periods.


JatroSolutions global trial network

Our global trial network currently comprises 12 field testing sites in the tropical and subtropical regions of three continents. The sites differ with regards to

  • Climate class
  • Aridity
  • Annual rainfall and distribution
  • Altitude
  • Soil type
  • Temperature


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Furthermore, the fact that our testing sites are located in different countries, results in different logistics, level and type of mechanization and personnel aspects as well. Thus, we are in the position to provide professional advice regarding agronomic management, personnel management and other particular circumstances.