At JatroSolutions, we are committed to environmental protection, social responsibility and economic sustainability. We strive to provide additional income opportunities in poverty affected regions by fulfilling the global demand for energy and protein sources.



Jatropha curcas L. has the enormous advantage to grow under disadvantageous climatic conditions as well as on marginal land. In 2005, JatroSolutions recognized this potential and implemented a worldwide operating breeding program in order to intensify the positive impacts of Jatropha. With JatroSolutions' improved Jatropha seeds, our motivation is to contribute to a sustainable development, promote economic growth and improve living-conditions in rural areas of the tropics and sub-tropics. Thereby, JatroSolutions focuses on holistic approaches in order to achieve a sustainable agriculture: Economic aspects as well as sustainable cycles are crucial aspects in this regard.


Sustainable Goals of JatroSolutions:

  • Enhance sustainable energy solutions (e.g. local energy production)

  • Promote rural empowerment & create employment (in marginal environments)

  • Develop sustainable value chains (efficient use of raw materials within a circular economy)

  • Improve food security (Chuta® nut with high nutritional value)

  • Protect the environment (e.g. reduction of soil erosion, increasing water storage capacity, promote reforestation)

  • Preserve biodiversity (e.g. reduction of bushfire, refuge area for small games, birds and reptiles, reduction of pesticides)


By addressing critical global challenges of climate change, finding solutions for the increasing demand of energy and tackle the aspect of food security, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us. However, we endeavor to become a sustainable organization and provide a green future for all of us!


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