Detoxification of Jatropha Kernel Meal

Patent on Method for Detoxification of Jatropha curcas Seed Cake, Kernel Meal and Protein Isolate

JatroSolutions GmbH announces securing of a German patent on a method for detoxification of Jatropha curcas seed cake, kernel meal and protein isolate. The method enables production of toxin and antinutritional factors free and highly nutritious (even higher protein content as soybean meal) Jatropha products: seed cake, kernel meal and protein isolate. These Jatropha products are destined for use as a protein supplement in feeds for fish, shrimp, aquaculture, pig, poultry, turkey, cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats or other domestic livestock species.

The patent application has been published by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation on 19th August 2010. The granted Patent 2 229 820 is validated in Germany under No. 60 2009 016 789.8. The proprietors of the patent ‘Detoxification of Jatropha curcas meal for feeding to farm animal species and fish’ are JatroSolutions GmbH and Prof. Dr. Harinder Makkar.

The detoxified Jatropha kernel meal and protein isolate have protein contents of 60% (25% higher than soybean meal) and 90% (double of soybean meal), respectively. Detoxification is performed using alkali (sodium hydroxide) and short chain alkohol (methanol), resulting in removal of toxic phorbol esters.

The patent is a result of painstaking research conducted under the leadership of both Prof. Klaus Becker and Prof. Harinder Makkar at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.

The detoxified products have been extensively evaluated on a number of animal species including highly sensitive fish species. These studies included growth, physiological, biochemical and histopathological investigations. Furthermore, these studies have been peer reviewed and published in international journals of repute. The detoxified Jatropha products obtained by the method can substitute soybean meal and fish meal in monogastric, ruminant and aquaculture feeds including fish and shrimps.

JatroSolutions GmbH is a technology leader in this field. The use of a large scale detoxification process is feasible with immediate effect.

Companies from industries such as food/feed processing, and plant engineering and construction interested in purchasing/licensing the patent or in joint exploitation of the patent, may contact us:


More information and publications can be provided on request.


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