Research Project „Fish for Food“

The main objective is the development of a low-cost feed for carps and tilapia from protein rich by-products of the bio fuel industry with focus on Jatropha curcas L. In fish farming, nutrition is critical because feed represents 40-50% of the production costs. Fish nutrition has advanced with the development of new, balanced commercial diets that promote optimal fish growth and health.

Protein is the most expensive part of fish feed and prices of protein rich fishmeal and soybean meal moved up in the last decade (picture 3). To produce a low-cost fish feed, it is important to accurately determine the protein requirements for each species and size of cultured fish. Protein levels in aquaculture feed generally average 32-38% for tilapia (and carp). The needed fish feed will be prepared on the base of detoxified Jatropha kernel meal (JKM) and locally available ingredients.

In practical diets 50-75% of fishmeal could be replaced by JKM without any adverse effect on growth of common carp or tilapia. JKM is included as an alternative low-cost plant feedstuff in diets for aquaculture.

Project duration: 01.05.2012 - 30.06.2018

The project is sponsored by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in the framework of the program for innovation promotion, sector aquaculture (FKZ: 225.2817301710).

Cooperation: The research project is a cooperation project of JatroSolutions GmbH with the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institut and the Spezialfuttermittelwerke Beeskow. More details to the partners will be found on their homepage.

Forthcoming Research

Future research in Aquafeeding will focus on the use of the edible Jatropha curcas as base for low-cost proteinfeed. The defatted kernelmeal can replace the fish meal as protein source. The main advantage will be a more efficient and economically produced proteinmeal - cause no detoxification will be needed. A simple method to produce aquafeed of edible Jatropha curcas is presented in the project JatroilProtein. More details to the edible Jatropha curcas can be find at

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