Our History

The roots of JatroSolutions GmbH date back to 2005, when our company was established as a start-up at the Entrepreneurship Centre of the renowned University of Hohenheim, located in Stuttgart. Our founders and their first employees, mainly recruited from the university’s faculty of Agricultural Sciences, engaged in realising their vision to develop and substantiate the many uses of the particularly versatile Jatropha curcas plant. Among these were applications such as the use as feedstock, fertiliser, the production of fuel pellets as well as the extraction of plant oil. Soon, our company’s mission and activities were extended to offer consulting services for crop planters, green energy advocates and other interested parties. In every respect, we are committed to environmental protection, social responsibility and economic sustainability.



In the first years, our main focus was on a global breeding program of the Jatropha curcas crop in order to optimise this frugal, yet oil-rich plant, for the many different applications already mentioned. The international scientific and technical teams of JatroSolutions' global breeding program contributed many important advances and achievements in Jatropha breeding.

After a contract research project which was successfully conducted on a 1,000 hectare research farm, our main investor EnBW decided in 2007 to financially support our global Jatropha breeding program and later acquire the company as a part of its commitment to green energy. Therefore, our company’s activities are highly concentrated on establishing Jatropha as a biofuel since that day.

Beside these activities focused on biofuels, the company also developed an additional business area. Since 2015 the breeding program of JatroSolutions had also reached another milestone: It successfully developed the protein-rich edible variant of Jatropha, that today is known under the brand name of Chuta® . This achievement made it possible to advance the immensely nutritious crop into a novel food. With its high levels of protein and unsaturated fatty acids as well as low sugar and sodium contents, Chuta® can contribute greatly to a healthy and balanced nutrition. It is thus bound to experience a boom on the food market. JatroSolutions expects the positive scientific opinion for Chuta® by 2021.



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