Objective    The „BERL-project“ was initiated by several NGOs and corporate social responsibility funds at the beginning of this century. Designed as an outgrower project with centralized processing and respective harvesting logistics the involved parties encouraged and guided local farmers to plant Jatropha trees as living fences alongside their fields. Since BERL ltd. guarantees the purchase of the harvest and Jatropha is grown as a living fence, farmers are able to generate an additional cash income. Within the “BERL-project” more than 10.000 farmers were encouraged to grow 500 trees or more per farmer. Now, the Jatropha trees have reached maturity and BERL ltd. is taking off the harvest for processing, which means processing and refining for oil production. BERL ltd. is authorized by the respective Malawian authorities to sell Jatropha straight vegetable oil to gas stations and private companies as a 10% blend of fossil diesel.

BERL ldt.





February 2017


Planting Jatropha with selected lines of JatroSolutions, producing oil from Jatropha and use the Jatropha crude oil (JCO) as renewable energy for the power units of the Training Center in Masaka, Uganda


Our Childeren and our Future (OCAOF) - NGO


- Hedges of Jatropha as border of the center 

- OCAOF is indeppendent of external energy supply systems 

- Valueable contribution to reduce CO2 emissions 

- Use of press cake as organic fertiliser 

- Practical example for the vocational trainees