We launched our worldwide breeding programme in 2008 and are now reaping the rewards from our hard work. Our breeding experts have developed four Product Lines meeting reqirements for e.g. biofuel production or CO2-sequestration. The Product Line GreenFuels for example as our key product is characterised by its oil yield that is high in quality and quantity.

Project outlines

As we reached a crucial step in our global breeding programme, we are keen to present the results of our efforts to the Jatropha community and investors. Hence we decided to realise our very own vision of an Outgrower Project. It has two pillars: A 200 ha sized and by JatroSolutions managed Jatropha plantation and an in total 800 ha large area that is managed by various contract farmer. Processing of the harvest of the whole 1000 ha takes place on our plantation. The third party in our Outgrower Project is our strategic partner. The role of the strategic partner is fitted to his capabilities and should at least cover logistics, e.g. distribution of seedlings and fertiliser and the collection of the harvest from farmers. 

Out offer

Currently we are in negotiation with a potential partner from Cameroon. However, if you are interested in becoming exclusive Outgrower Project partner and you have a respective network and capacities feel free to contact us.