Chuta is an edible Jatropha strain that was used since ancient times by Totonaca people from Veracruz region in Mexico as a food source. Because of its high nutritional value Chuta was included in our global breeding program in 2008. After years of intensive breeding we are now offering our Chuta product line EdibleNut, stable in yield quality and quantity.

Genotypes completely lacking phorbol esters provide the basis for EdibleNut. Delicious snacks and other food can be produced from seeds and kernels. Another possibility is the extraction of oil that can be used for cooking. The remaining press cake or kernel meal can be channeled into production of protein powder. A highly favourable fatty acid and amino acid composition guarantees a high nutritional value of all EdibleNut products.

Salient features of EdibleNut cultivars:

  • No phorbol esters

  • Highly favourable fatty acid composition

  • Highly favourable amino acid composition

  • Concentrated harvest period

  • Reduced plant size for easy harvest

  • Adapted to diverse environments

  • High yield stability


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Please note that conventional cultivars mostly outyield edible cultivars as they show a better adaptation to a wider range of environments. However, high-end products suited for human nutrition can be extremely profitable.


For further information please find more details on our NEW website www.chuta.de or CONTACT us.