Product Lines

To combat desertification, convert Jatropha crops to biofuels, produce high-protein livestock feed or even food and oil for human consumption – there are many uses for Jatropha, and we offer optimised cultivars for them all: GreenFuelsDesertGreen, EdibleNut and ProteinFeed. Each product is also adapted to different climate and soil conditions. We support you in selecting the optimal product from our portfolio to successfully realise your individual Jatrophaproject.

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Our products are seeds of improved Jatropha cultivars that have been tested in a large range of environments. These cultivars have shown a consistent superiority in oil yield and stability. We secure the seed quality of our cultivars by optimising the agronomic seed production process and check the genetic purity with molecular markers. We therefore ensure that the genetic potential comprised in the seeds can be fully expressed in the growers’ field.