Products and Services

As the leading Jatropha breeders and consultants, we offer our customers various products and services. We provide all kind of individual solutions fitted to the demands and requests of our customersfrom seeds with advice on their cultivation to holistic farm management executed by a JatroSolutions farm manager.  

Our product portfolio includes the following 

  • Product Lines
    We offer four different product lines covering valuable utilisation opportunities that Jatropha provides. With DesertGreen, GreenFuels, ProteinFeed and EdibleNut we provide our customers the necessary genetic base to successfully realise individual Jatropha projects.

  • Product Options
    Our product lines come as a complete  customised Product Option. Our costumers are free to choose individual guidance and management support. No matter if you are a newcomer or an expert on Jatropha, we will find the perfect Solution.

  • Services
    Apart from seed-related products we offer a range of Jatropha-related services such as feasibilty and economic studies as well as consultancy for ongoing Jatropha projects around the globe. Furthermore, we are open to research collaborations with universities and other research institutions. 


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