Status Quo

Although Jatropha has already been used for decades, the potential of the plant is far from being exhausted. The traditional use was marginal. Wild plants were taken for planting hedges and used for medical purposes or for the production of lamp oil or soap, for example.

With our objective of developing the Jatropha market, we aim to reveal and exploit the full potential of this promising plant. Here research and development activities play a major role. Of particular importance is the development of Jatropha from the wild plant to an agricultural crop, which we are realising in our breeding programme. Furthermore, the determination of appropriate agronomic standards is one of the main pillars in the development of the Jatropha production chain. This subject was intensively investigated at the R&D Farm JatroGreen in Madagascar and in field trials within our global network of breeding stations. The third main field of research and development is the area of processing and product development which JatroSolutions is covering in different cooperative projects.


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