Value Chain

Jatropha oil is of excellent quality for production of bio-diesel and bio-kerosene. The residues after oil extraction can be used to make several high value products. Edible Jatropha cultivars as well as non-food Jatropha cultivars are part of our breeding programme.

non-food Jatropha - current value chain

Value Chain BE

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At present, the most common Jatropha processing chain includes the steps: de-husking of fruits - pressing of seeds - sedimentation and filtration of oil. The two main products gained hereby are high quality oil and press cake, both with interesting marketing possibilities. The high quality Jatropha oil is excellent both for direct use in engines and the production of bio-fuels like bio-diesel and bio-kerosene. Soap production is another attractive utilisation option for the oil. The press cake is a good substrate for biogas production and an excellent organic fertiliser. The fruit husks as an additional by-product can be utilised as fuel pellets.

non-food Jatropha - utilisation opportunities 

utilisation opportinities BE

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Besides the currently common utilisation pathway Jatropha provides various production opportunities. However, not all "utilisation pathways" are economically viable or technically feasible. As a company with a distinct focus on research and development, we are currently working intensively together with different partners on the following issues:

  •    detoxification of Jatropha material, removal of toxic phorbol-esters
  •    feeding trials with detoxified Jatropha kernel meal, utilisation as feed
  •    phorbol-ester isolation and toxicity tests, utilisation as bio-pesticide
  •    innovative oil extraction, mechanical, enzymtic and aqueous extraction


edible Jatropha - utilisation opportunities

As opposed to toxic Jatropha genotypes, edible Jatropha genotypes are phorbol-ester free, so no detoxification process is required. 

Utilisation Opportunities EDIBLE

As detoxification of the press cake or the oil is not yet economically viable, the absence of phorbol-ester in edible Jatropha cultivars opens a big range of different utilisation opportunities like:

  •    production of high-protein animal feed
  •    use of the vitamin and mineral nutrients rich dietary supplement
  •    use as a healthy cooking oil, Jatropha-oil is rich in un-saturated fatty acids
  •    use as a raw material for cosmetics production