If you are interested in a green and profitable direct investment with a plant that has the potential to make great strides forward on the road towards a sustainable future, then contact us.

The JatroSolutions company has a wide network covering all aspects of Jatropha. With our wide-ranging services and partners we are able to give you support and guidance for your ideas or show you good opportunities for investment in a green future.

Our long Jatropha experience makes us the right partner for any Jatropha project. As an example of an investment opportunity, please see the attractive project proposal on the right.



Why our world should invest in a future with Jatropha: 

  •    to help satisfy the increasing worlwide demand for energy
  •    to help meet the increasing worldwide demand for meat by providing a new source of animal feed
  •    to contribute to a solution for the worldwide climatic problems

Why YOU should invest in a future with Jatropha:

  •    to generate an attractive return for your money
  •    to get constant cashflows out of a stable longterm investment
  •    to profit from further rising energy prices in ethical manner

  If you are interested feel free to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..