Why our world should invest in a future with Jatropha: 

  •    to help satisfy the increasing worlwide demand for energy
  •    to help meet the increasing worldwide demand for meat by providing a new source of animal feed
  •    to contribute to a solution for the worldwide climatic problems

Why YOU should invest in a future with Jatropha:

  •    to generate an attractive return for your money
  •    to get constant cashflows out of a stable longterm investment
  •    to profit from further rising energy prices in ethical manner

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We are in search for Jatropha outperformer. The task of a Jatropha outperformer is to cultivate and propagate our high yielding elite seed or our novel high-performance hybrids (for the latter we are pleased to already take orders).

Status quo

After the last Jatropha hype driven by financial investors and exaggerated yield expectations, the Jatropha market is currently at its bottom. Most projects failed by now, due to lacking agronomic knowledge and due to the use of seeds from wild Jatropha plants.

Success and improvements

However, both obstacles could be resolved by JatroSolutions:

  • after 10 years of intensive research on our R&D farm on Madagascar, the initial agronomic problems could be solved by us. Moreover, we gained great experience and knowledge in Jatropha cultivation and management, which we are willing to share with Jatropha outperformer.

  • In our global breeding programme that we started in 2008 we reared elite cultivars, high and steady in yield quantity and quality. Moreover, we reared the very first Jatropha high-performance hybrids with very promising yield prospects. By now we run 16 breeding stations in 3 tropical countries.

Due to the initial problems Jatropha projects suffered from, we still sense some restrains. Despite the initial problems, we from JatroSolutions never lost faith in Jatropha, which led to significant success in our global breeding programme.

Apart from JatroSolutions, outstanding institutions, companies and private persons made their share along the whole Jatropha value chain. To acknowlege this commitment to Jatropha we would like to highlight these achievement in the following table.

Our offer

Additionally we offer those Jatropha outperformer, who actually do Jatropha farming our elite seeds or novel high-performance hybrids at a special price. We from JatroSolutions decided to do so because we strongly believe in our seed products and hence want to prove their performance on site. Furthermore we believe it is a great way to stimulate the global Jatropha business.


If you consider yourself a Jatropha outperformer or you know a respective private person, an institution or company please CONTACT us.