Seed Production

Seeds are the starting material for successful cultivation. During the first months of cultivation, early growth depends strongly on seed quality. Besides, the genetic potential of the cultivars is stored in the seeds. Seed quality and genetic purity are fundamental requirements towards successful crop establishment and are a critical component in the profitability of perennial crops. We therefore allocate the necessary resources to provide the best seed quality to our customers.

Our seeds are produced in our own facilities and the process is under the detailed care of our field professionals. We provide optimised agronomic management in our seed production fields. The fruits are hand-harvested at the optimum ripening time and deshusking is done immediately after harvest. The seeds are then dried to reach suitable moisture content for storage. Our seed storage facility provides optimal conditions to preserve seed quality till we deploy the seeds to our customers. We further perform quality checks with molecular marker technology to secure the genetic purity of our improved cultivars. We check the germination quality and early vigour of our seeds before shipment of the products to our customers.


Flow chart seed production