Breeding Objectives

Setting objectives is a critical step towards breeding success. It is only after having set clear objectives that the progress of a breeding programme can be measured. Breeding objectives are tightly linked to plant traits that affect the economic margin of plant products. Considering that the major driving force for jatropha farming is the production of biofuels in degraded soils, our breeding programme has, but is not limited to, the following objectives:

  •    to increase oil yield and stability across environments and years by means of selection and hybridisation.

  •    to reduce costs of harvest by synchronising flowering, increasing fruit retention and optimising plant architecture.

  •    to increase value of the kernel meal by breeding high yielding cultivars that do not need to be detoxified for animal feeding.

Our objectives are strongly oriented to our customers’ needs.

In particular, resistance breeding against pests and diseases has acquired an ever greater significance within the main breeding objectives. Today we are combining genetics to boost yield, improve quality and increase the tolerance and resistance to abiotic and biotic plant stresses as well as water and nutrient use efficiency.