Smart Breeding

We research breeding methodologies to optimise the genetic improvement of Jatropha cultivars. We assess the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cultivars (clones, lines, populations and hybrids). Our strategy is to provide a competitive cultivar today and secure the continuous genetic improvement of Jatropha in the years to come. As in other crops with a long breeding history, breeding has a significant impact on the profitability of Jatropha cultivation.

We apply molecular marker technologies to optimise our breeding programme. We analyse the genetic diversity of our germplasm, select the most diverse material for testing, and avoid assessment of highly similar genotypes. We control the consistency of crosses and accelerate the introgression of target genes. We use molecular marker technology to secure traceability throughout the whole process of breeding and seed production. We ensure that the genetic merit of the cultivars is present in the seeds for our customers.

We develop innovative breeding techniques that allow the efficient operation of self- and cross pollination. With this technology, we can generate several experimental hybrids with sufficient seeds for multi-environment testing in a short time. We do research on different methodologies of cultivar production. We make sure that our seeds offer a suitable solution to our customers.


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